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Campaign success!

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Dear, lovely people,

Our crowdfunding campaign has come to an end and we are in awe by the amazing amount you helped raise!! 111% collected! This means we get to record our first full-length album at studio Sandlane AND have extra money to be able to make a new music video of one of the new songs! All thanks to you! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!

You truly rock! Thank you so much!

We are working hard to make our album become reality and we will start planning the recording days. Besides that, we will be working on processing all the perks you selected. Depending on what you've selected you will receive a separate email from us to discuss every detail, when required.

All of you who donated to our campaign will receive the following:

- An email from us concerning the specific perk you have selected

- Your name will be mentioned on the new Scarlet Stories album and our website: this can only happen when you have actually stated your name. Just in case you do want your name on the album/website, but donated anonymously: we will email you about this, so you can still add your name to the list when desired. See and check out the complete list of names here!

- Digital download of the single 'Vingt mille lieues sous les mers'! We will send you an email with the wetransfer link a.s.a.p!

- In case you have selected a physical perk: you will receive signed copies of all of your items! For the canvas and poster we will contact you to ask where you would like to have us sign your items (front or back of poster/canvas) and which artwork you prefer (single or album cover).

- You can vote for your favorite song to be re-recorded from EP 'Resurrection'! We will email you a link to the poll.

Thank you everyone for supporting and helping us! If you have not yet subscribed to our newsletter and would like to continue receiving news, updates and exclusive content in the future, then go to:

Of course we will still be sending you updates on the perks via the email you provided and this campaign page, so you will not miss out on anything!

To thank you we have a sneakpeek of our time at Studio Sandlane recording the single 'Vingt mille lieues sous les mers' with Joost van den Broek. Watch the video below. THIS will be happening again soon, so stay tuned and share the good news!

Love & thank you again,

Maarten, Bram, Carmen, Tim & Lisette

Scarlet Stories

De realisatie van dit project is mede tot stand gekomen door een bijdrage uit de impulsgelden van Provincie Noord-Brabant en door advies van Kunstloc Brabant. -


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