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It's studio time!

Hi everyone!

Back with an update, straight from Sandlane Recording Facilities! The time has come to record our album, and we are starting off with the drums. In the last weeks we have fine-tuned our songs together with producer Joost van den Broek and made all preparations for the studio, such as making guides and clicktracks.

Today we are setting up the drums, again with the help from Sandlane’s studio engineer Jos Driessen. In total we have three days to record the drums of the album. In the next weeks we will record guitar, bass, violin and vocals. Studio-days are spread out over the weeks and we plan to finish recordings by the end of April. So, an exciting period commences, and we are looking forward to creating our album. Made possible thanks to your help!

Stay tuned for more updates and studio reports! Also, feel free to ask questions when you have them. We are more than happy to share our experiences with you all!

Love, Scarlet Stories


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